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We are more than a traditional supplier. We are a valuable partner, helping customers become successful. We do this by providing customers with knowledge and inspiration, by developing new concepts that strengthen their sales - and lastly, by supporting their businesses with new initiatives.

The confectionery and bakery industry will win through quality and professionalism. In many situations, having a strong supplier and partner for exchanging/sounding out ideas who is close at hand is invaluable - that is what customers get when they choose CBP.

Together we create success for customers.
The loyal customer receives extra benefits by trading with CBP. CBP Premium is not a chain concept, but a close collaboration in making customers' businesses even better.

We provides our customers with the best conditions for achieving success with their businesses. This is why we are much more than ingredients and good bakery products. We provide solutions and competent advice.

Business development.
CBP's talented district managers help customers in getting more out of their existing businesses. Working in collaboration with the customer, we develop the customer's employees and the store, so their customers get an even better experience - and purchase more.

Professional development and problem solving.
CBP™s experienced profession consultants help customers to develop their bakery products and ranges, so their businesses become optimised. A professional consultant is also a neutral problem solver, who can act as a sounding board to help customers with their daily challenges.

Software, which turns calculation and marking into a game. CBP has developed CBP Premium Pro, which calculates everything the customer needs - all they have to do is enter their recipes, the software takes care of the rest. We ensure that the raw ingredients data is taken directly from the suppliers, so the software is always up to date with the latest information. Customers get an overview and save time - and this means they have more time to improve their bakery products and strengthen their businesses.

Marketing should never just be a cost - it should work! It does not help if you are a talented confectioner and baker but no one knows it. This is why CBP's marketing department loves to help and develop powerful marketing material, which creates traffic for the customers stores and sells their cakes and bakery products.

CBP is close to being the customer's one stop shop, where we have everything that a modern artisan bakery needs.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and strengthen your business. For a list of contact people, click here.

For more details visit www.CBPbageri.dk

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